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Employing Broker \\ Owner
Our homes mean so much to us, a literal retreat from a hectic world. They serve as symbols and repositories for our memories, dreams and hopes. Being your companion, guide and advocate on your journey to buying or selling is an honor for me. Before my big move into Real Estate, the first half of my professional life was spent in the technology industry, primarily as a Quality Assurance Analyst and Professional Client Advocate. My job was to ensure the needs of our clients were being met and e... Read More
Broker Associate \\ Owner
Farming, Aviation, Real Estate. If I’m not on a tractor or driving a truck, managing a chartered corporate jet or overseeing aircraft inspections, I’m probably helping Jen with Real Estate in one way or another. I’m Jens other half, in case you haven’t put that together already. So, when her journey into Real Estate began, I was right next to her the whole way, rooting her on and helping her make it happen. We’ve always made an incredible team. We have a certain ‘yin and yang’ that... Read More
Broker Associate
I am a Colorado native with a deep passion for Drag Racing AND Real Estate! I started my career in 2017 and have been loving every minute of it since. As a proud member of the 1320 Homes Real Estate family, I carry the values of hard work, integrity and outstanding client service into everything I do. I make sure to identify each client’s hopes and needs and then skillfully guide them through fulfilling their real estate goals. When I’m not making home ownership dreams come true, you’l... Read More
As a Licensed Realtor serving all of Denver and its surrounding areas, I stand out for my strong passion for ensuring that real estate buyers and sellers have a seamless experience as they reach their goals. With over 4 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, I have continually demonstrated great dedication to meeting and exceeding my clients’ expectations and offering exceptional service. I draw on my extensive knowledge about the local real estate market to maneuver complex and e... Read More
My intro to real-estate started in 2015 when my husband and I moved from California to Colorado and purchased our very first home right here in Denver. Our starter home was a fixer upper duplex that we used as both our primary residence and an investment property. During the journey of becoming first time homeowners and landlords simultaneously is when I fell in love with real estate and the endless possibilities that come with home ownership. Skip forward a few years and we have bought and sold... Read More
Administrative Coordinator
One of my all-time favorite things is to plan, organize and help. In my previous professional experience, I've worked heavily in the administrative field, including manufacturing, home remodeling, large-scale event management, and individual support. I enjoy seeing others have more time to work because I have taken things off their plate. I know it sounds crazy. Trust me...I thoroughly enjoy bringing organization to chaos. I have been known to help my friends and family organize their large proj... Read More
I have had the honor of knowing Jen and Mike Cronk since MySpace.com was launched and Finding Nemo was in theaters. I have had that amount of time to go from enjoying seeing them, becoming friends with them, and ultimately become family. I have long witnessed their tenacity and work ethic. Their moral compass points due North, and always has. I was there when Jen first launched her career in Real Estate. To no one’s surprise, she excelled quickly. Winning awards, growing her career and no... Read More