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About 1320 Homes Racing

“Ok, guys, where did this number 1320 come from???”

We hear this question often, in fact the number 1320 tends to be a simple way to determine how someone has heard of us. If you know much about Mike, Jen or Eric on a personal level, then you know, one of their favorite places on the earth is a quarter mile drag racing track. We’re not picky about which one in general but since we’re all native Coloradans, YES you read that right, then our track of choice would be Bandimere Speedway!!

“Great, still doesn’t help me out with the 1320”.

Oh, I’m getting there! See, drag racing takes place on a quarter mile long race track, do you want to guess how many feet are in a quarter mile? Aha! 1320 feet are in a quarter mile! Any drag racer or drag racing enthusiast will likely know this number immediately and tie our business to our favorite hobby, DRAG RACING. If you have seen us around Bandimere or spent any time there, you’ve probably noticed some 1320 Homes logos scattered about that place. Maybe you even saw it on a car lined up in the staging lanes or cooling down in the pits. If you know, you know!

“So someone that has no idea what the 1320 is all about will ask?”

Exactly! Not everyone knows where this number comes from, so they’ll always eventually ask. This is our opportunity to share a fun sport with our new friends and family! Most everyone we know loves to ask about the cars, they love to ask if Jen races too. Yes, she races too. They love to come out and see events, both ones that we’re racing in and those that we’re not. Bottom line, most people think it’s super fun and having an opportunity to share our love for race cars is one of our favorite things. We combined our love with our work which makes BOTH more fun!

So, did you know about 1320 or not? Doesn’t matter, what matters is, are you ready to come out and cheer on your favorite Realtors on the track and enjoy some seriously fun summer nights at Bandimere Speedway with us? If that’s a yes, hit us up for tickets!!!!