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Jennifer Cronk

Jennifer Cronk
Employing Broker \\ Owner

Our homes mean so much to us, a literal retreat from a hectic world. They serve as symbols and repositories for our memories, dreams and hopes. Being your companion, guide and advocate on your journey to buying or selling is an honor for me.

Before my big move into Real Estate, the first half of my professional life was spent in the technology industry, primarily as a Quality Assurance Analyst and Professional Client Advocate. My job was to ensure the needs of our clients were being met and exceeded at every step along the way and that every detail was addressed and expertly executed. This lends perfectly to my career in the Real Estate industry. Since our homes are one of the largest investments we make in our lifetime, having a critical eye and knack for precision in your agent just makes sense.

Within my first year in Real Estate I took the market by storm. Accomplishing what many never do in this industry by reaching the top 10% of my market center, which in and of itself was consistently outperforming the average brokerage in the Denver Metro area. With support from my mentors and husband and eventual business partner too, my subsequent years have been equally or more successful than the last. As a top agent, I served my previous brokerage on their Agent Leadership Council. It was truly an honor to give my time helping to mentor others, grow our office and continue the legacy of a rich, nurturing, charitable and family culture. We found ourselves so busy it became necessary for my husband to join the team and the ‘1320 Homes’ brand was born.

Then, the calling came. Mike and I felt a desire to grow our team and our brand. We wanted to find like-minded agents that were looking for a place to call home. Professionals that embodied the same values and drive that we have. Once we built the team, we knew that we wanted to take the reins of our own brokerage. With our trusty group of agents and an administrative team in hand, we made it official. Now we have full control of our destiny and we’re exceptionally equipped to make sure your experience is nothing less than dazzling! We can help you reach your goals because YOU are priority ONE.