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Rachael Beaudoin

Rachael Beaudoin
Administrative Coordinator

Hello friends, both current and future! My name is Rachael Beaudoin, and I am a Colorado Native, married with children (and I'm hilarious). I have two adorable boys that look like mini versions of their dad, but act like mini versions of me. I'm in so much trouble. We are a family of car and racing enthusiasts, and live life a quarter mile at a time. Just kidding! In reality, we are car and racing enthusiasts, monster trucks are life, and there is a minimum horsepower rating for cars to be parked in the garage and on the driveway. I came up with that, you're welcome.

My official title here at 1320 Homes is Administrative Coordinator, so I've got my fingers in everything from contracts to marketing to making sure everyone else has what they need. I'm like the rock of the team. Like Chevy; the rock of my garage. (I told you, I'm hilarious). If you're not sure who you need to talk to, I'm a good place to start.

Anyway, life is good and it's flying by like a nitrous boost scene in any movie you've ever seen. I am excited to see what this crazy ride of life brings next!